Sperling Distillery in Regina

The story behind Sperling silver Distillery is one of Environmental conscience and creativity. Sperling Silver Distillery started as Slow Food Brew pub. The pub is based on the slow food philosophy: Good, Clean and Fair. Always conscious of the environment using locally sourced and organic products when possible. Slow Food Pub was producing 6 different varieties of beer, cider and wine. During the production filtration there was approximately 18 to 100 liters unfiltered apple yeast after every fermentation. It was decided that the yeast should not be wasted so began the look for an alternative use. Not long after, an application was placed with the provincial government to start a small micro Distillery based on the slow food philosophy; we were going to recycle and create another byproduct. This by-product became Sperling Silver's first signature spirit and is now today one of the best sellers-- Ole Jed’s moonshine--the Saskatchewan tradition and the greenest product we make. Ole Jed’s is made from the unfilled herbal yeast after fermentation in beer. It is in other countries referred to as a new make. New make is basically unoaked whiskey.